Pourya Mansouri

Python/ Django Developer


I have worked as an Electrical Engineer for about 4 years but this has made me realize what my passion is as soon as I started coding with python programming language. Not only could I see my future in it, but also my next best decision when it came to a lucrative career that I can rely on. My Compliments to myself were not giving up in addition to enhancing my repertoire in order to make sure that I can be the best version of myself. Python, Django, DRF (Django Rest Framework), Web Design, Linux Engineering and Security as well as Docker are my current specialties. I cannot be more thrilled to see myself standing in a great position, a person who paved the way for himself through only a programming language and non-stop and ongoing progress.

Work Experiences

Django Developer

Kashefan | sept 2021 - Present

I am a full-stack developer. With the Django framework, I implement the websites required by the company's customers. example:

  • Call Center website with manage the customers, questions, and answers.
  • Online shop for large companies that can manage all their shops, inventory and etc.

Django Developer

CashCool Start-up | Mar. 2020 to Sept. 2020

Developed and implemented Electronic Credit Wallet.

Electrical Engineer

Zarand Iranian Steel Co.(ZISCO) | Jun 2017 to sept 2021

As an electrical engineer, with the help of my other colleagues, we set up the steel plant of Zarand Iranian Steel Company.

  • Blast Furnace Electrical Engineer
  • Steel Making Plant Electrical Engineer.


Romario Sport

Closed source

This is an online shop, stores, and inventory management, Managers can add all of their stores and staff and manage the product, face to face sell and online sell

Cash cool

Close Source

This credit wallet has the ability to determine the time of payment of installments and use the credit for in-person purchases, and the seller can also use the credit received in another store. This was my idea and I was a Django programmer in the credit services department and I did everything from database design to implementing the required APIs.